Sunday, December 19, 2004

To President Moo-Hyun Roh’s Blue House: Chemical Terrorism - Political Oppression

When will President Moo-Hyun Roh’s Blue House stop political oppression and guarantee human rights? A citizen awaits just response. Dec. 19, 2004 22:28

in Korean

Sometimes when I get up in the morning, there are two cars in front of my house that remind me of Nho, Gil-Sang. The cars also bring back the memory of threats made by a car against me.

Even when I go to a hair shop, the hair designer that they assigned uses the same name as NIS agent Jung's daughter. Using unidentified chemicals, the person knows how to pick a fight in a shrewd way by asking whether I have shortness of breath. The location brings back the memory of terror.

Since I went to that place, there have been numerous times when I had difficulty breathing and felt severe acute pain, and I was told not to use spray etc. They would not stop what they are doing at just a few words. Even when I change the hair shop, it becomes the same situation on the second visit. There were times when I told them not to use spray, but they sprayed it on my face all of a sudden and made me inhale it, and after a few hours it gave me severe pain for many days as if the bronchus of my lung was burning. The methods other than spray are also used. It is different from the material used in the form of smoke in the corridor of a house. On the street or busy places, approach is made from behind and chemicals are used. The pain and symptoms caused by such attacks are not singular.

Numerous times at Su Hyup Bank, they made me inhale chemicals by using humidifier, with the person by the name of vice-chief Yong-Hyun Park as central figure. Of course this happened in an organized way not only in Su Hyup Bank but also in other banks. It is the political violence of using chemical materials to erase the memory of terror perpetuated against a person who barely survived from political oppression, attempted kidnapping and assassination, and biological agent using terror.

"What is the difference between those who aimed a gun at the heart of humans and killed many humans because they had different political ideologies, and those who kill humans that don’t agree with their political ideologies by secretly using germs and chemicals!"

One who tried to package and kill me as communist but failed, who told me to choose left saying he studied on the side of leftist thoughts. Today, as I am writing, the regime is publicizing that terrorists are desirable. Is it a solution to conceal oppression? One who says that the world is all about who eats more. One who is one with the person who, when his identity is revealed during the oppression process, make excuses by saying that it was for surviving.
When his intention was revealed, Jung explained his and his daughter’s unhappy situation through another intelligence agent (Artemia etc.) and aroused sympathy. Of course he was the kind of person who threatened later to inflict damage on my family and people related to me. NIS agent Jung who was said to be the councilor of the embassy.

Those running errands, who said they would help me through adversity and made me unconscious by using drug and attempted to kidnap and murder.

Such things are happening in order to erase the memory of cruel terrorism by the Kim, Dae-Jung government.


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