Thursday, February 24, 2005

The NIS Committee on Past History chose 7 cases for priority investigation. Also include the terrorism of the Kim, Dae-Jung government!

Ko, Young-Koo, Chief of NIS should include in the targets for the investigation of past history the political terrorism committed by the Kim, Dae-Jung government in Brussels through NIS!

"The committee said the case of the kidnappings from Germany was chosen because it was representative of the way the military regime at the time used the National Security Law and Anti-Communist Law to undermine human rights and suppress anti-government activity."

Was it representative of the military regime for President Dae-Jung Kim's government to fabricate an innocent citizen as anti-government activist, falsely accusing him of extreme right, making him the object of terror, kidnapping and murder and trying to suppress his human rights? This act of terror was a case of political suppression performed under the civil government.

The government of President Dae-Jung Kim was elected by the people. It was not a military regime.

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