Friday, April 08, 2005

Kuhn Shin - When medical practice becomes a means of political oppression.

Name: Shin, Kuhn Born in : 1941,
Present: Lawyer,
Previously: Political Affairs civil employee, ex-prosecutor, 25th Director of NIS (KCIA) 2001. 3. 27 - 2003. 4. 24 (2 years and 1 month)

In early summer of 2001 in Brussels, they mentioned economic compensation to me for the purpose of concealing terror while I was on hunger strike. I jumped up upon hearing their suggestion. They should have realized my refusal right at that moment. When their offer for another conspiracy failed, President Dae-Jung Kim tried to kill me by making me unconscious with drug through NIS Director Kuhn Shin when I was going to leave after hunger strike in Brussels in 2001. They tried to kill a person in a church.

In that year when I returned to Seoul after the terror attack, some of those who threatened to kill me in the subway station threatened by showing gestures of pushing me in the subway. It is only right that the government should save a person in danger. However, the government is still silent. Only chemicals and threats are being repeated. They even threaten me by adding drug to my food. Who else besides me is exposed to a conspiracy of using such drugs?

Returning to Seoul after the hunger strike alone in Atlanta, I tried to get treatment for broken eyeball etc. The oppressor threatened through surgeon etc. That was not everything! President Dae-Jung Kim pushed me into the status of being thoroughly deprived of human rights not being able to receive even a physical check up by means of oppression through NIS Director Kuhn Shin.

The dentist made a hole in a person’s tooth, and used pain-inducing medicine that corresponds to torture, and used germs. On the day when I was going to another hospital for taking X-rays, there was an intentional car impact in front of the hospital intended to deliver a threat. As if that’s not enough, they made inhale chemicals by mobilizing the sympathizers even at a bank. These things file up and make a mobile prison without a wall.

Is this the politics of Hae Jang Kuk (Korean Soup to relieve hangover) based on the sense of reality of a merchant? Defense of whose human rights by doing something like this? Errands for whom? Nothing changed although political power changed. When I came back to Seoul, what awaited me were the cruel dirty threat and terror and concealment by NIS Director Kuhn Shin, self-styled “Errand man” of President Dae-Jung Kim. Since then oppression has continued through NIS Director Young-Koo Ko.

When those who are not humans practice medicine, it is said, “The Director of NIS just runs errands.” However, an errand man is not indemnified. A president should open the path of NIS with conviction in the dignity of human life and freedom and in democratic values. However, the content of errands for President Dae-Jung Kim was abduction, assassination, and biological agent using terror. As is said “no regrets” about those terror and oppression, oppression still continues now. What was important was only to keep the order and rules of President Dae-Jung Kim. However, Article 7 Provision 1 of the Constitution provides; “A civil employee is the servant of all the people and is accountable to the people.”

In the realm of life where the ruling way of thinking is that a socially weak should naturally be their preys, they don’t even hide their intention since the terror ring attempted abduction and assassination in Antwerp in early 2000 up to the present time.


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